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Come join us at our Annual Christmas Bazaar on December 7th, 2019 from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

The Church of the Covenant’s annual Christmas Bazaar is the major fundraiser for the church each year. It always happens on the first Saturday in December, 9:00AM – 3:00PM. This year it happens on December 7th. It has been our delight to host the bazaar for over 50 years now. We have attractions for just about everyone, so buckle up and enjoy this rhapsodic walk AROUND our bazaar (the Church of the Covenant is ROUND church).

When you first pull into our parking lot, you will see one or more friendly parking attendants, who will direct you to the best parking space. After you get parked, as you approach the entrance to the church, you will probably see a few decorations to make the church more inviting. We have had an inflatable crèche for the past several year, and probably will again. This is accompanied by some nice Christmas music.

When you walk through the entrance to the bazaar, a friendly greeter will meet you to welcome you and offer you one of our bazaar adbooks. The adbook is useful to navigate the bazaar, as there is a handy map of the interior of the church, showing all the different booths available for your shopping pleasure. The adbook provides some good information about the church, like its history. There is also a greeting from our pastor. We include some memorials for our members who have passed away during the year. And of course, plenty of ads. This makes the book a very useful “take home” item. We and the advertisers certainly appreciate the patronage you may offer to them as the result of seeing them in our adbook, and we like to think it makes a nice directory of goods and services. Who wouldn’t want to do business with someone who has the community spirit to support the church?

The other thing to know about the entrance is what we call the “shop all day” form. You give your name to the office attendant and he or she will give you a number, which will be on a form, showing all the booths in the bazaar. As you go around the bazaar, persons at the various booths will record your purchases on your form and theirs. When you’re all finished at the bazaar, you simply check back with the office and make ONE payment for everything as you leave. Easy, right?

It won’t take long for you to discover an enticement – and this one is a BIG enticement for a lot of people. That booth is called the Sweet Shoppe. Homemade candy, pies, cakes, breads, cookies, brownies, coffee cake, muffins, fudge, peanut brittle, turtles, baklava—no wonder everyone loves the Sweet Shoppe! Pick up one to eat as you stroll, and get some in a bag to take home!

As you make your way from the entry into what we normally call the “fellowship hall”, you will be greeted by some scrumptious aromas. That would be our “COC Café”. We almost all eat and drink during the day at the bazaar. This is where you can come and relax, visit with friends, have lunch or perhaps just a drink between shopping. Our lunch menu has only one problem – choosing one! Most of the food is donated, some in exchange for ads in our adbook, and we have some expert cooks to prepare it. Some of the food (particularly the varieties of soup) is home made by our own members!

As you pass the Café, also on the left, is a booth called “Alan’s Collectibles”, in honor of one of our beloved members who ran this booth for years, Alan Fuess. We lost Alan a couple of years ago, but his memory is fresh in our minds, especially as we see the offerings in this booth. You will find different pieces of china, glassware, crystal, brass and many other collectable treasures. There are always “collectibles” that qualify as genuine “antiques”, which you can spot if you have a discerning eye. Lots of great bargains on some great merchandise.

Turn around and you are looking at what we call our “country store”. There are items too numerous to even describe in this booth, including homemade jams. Now, lest you start thinking that all we do at COC is eat, the country store also features gently-loved linens of all kinds (dresser scarves, handkerchiefs, pillow cases, bedspreads, tablecloths,etc.), new and gently loved country-style Christmas decorations and ornaments and everyday country-style home décor, new bath gift items, and jar candles, such as Yankee candles, to mention a few. We also offer homemade jar mixes. Well, you get the idea!

Coming up next is our “Pet Corner”, which has all things pet-related except for the pets themselves! Catnip mice are always popular, and we always have new colors and designs. You know how selective those cats can be! There are our ever-popular homemade dog bones, many packaged for gift-giving. Do you have a new dog or cat? Or does your pet need a new comfy bed? We have many dog and cat beds! There is always a large selection of pet-related greeting cards, knick-knacks, etc.

Don’t miss our doll clothes boutique! There you will find a wide variety of attractive outfits for 18” dolls such as the American Girl Doll. You will find dresses, sweaters, sports outfits, night clothes, coats, and everything else a well-dressed doll should have. You just have to see them!!

Our last booth in the “fellowship hall” is called the Religious Items Booth. We are a church, after all! This booth is an inspiration to all. There are religious items available for personal use and for gift giving. You will find Bibles, books, games, calendars, children’s books, nativity sets, jewelry and figurines, all economically priced. You will also be able to get Advent calendars in the Religious Items booth.

Proceed out of the fellowship hall into our “lounge” area and a wonderful world of handcrafts and decorations opens up for your shopping enjoyment. The Handcrafts/Decorations section is one of our biggest booths. It stretches through the entire lounge and on into the coat closet. You will find lots of crafty projects – table cloths, pot holders, scrubbies, mug rugs, Christmas Decorations, cute shell decorations, runners, place mats, sweaters, mittens, wall hangings, quilts, and more. As the name suggests, these items are made by hand, mostly by a women’s group in the church called the “GOOFS”, which stands for “Girls’ Organization Of Fun and Service”, a group which has been a shining star in our ministry for decades!

As you pass through the last area of handcrafts, otherwise known as the coat closet, you will enter the “narthex” of the church, where people normally enter the church for Sunday worship. On this particular day, however, it is a virtual greenhouse, with our “Plants and Greens” booth. Here you will find a beautiful array of poinsettias, cyclamens, Christmas cactus, Christmas wreaths and kissing balls. As in years past you will have the opportunity to order your Christmas items before the bazaar – just call the church at 518-674-3664.

Our downstairs area is all about young people. As you reach the bottom of the stairs, you will find our “Kids’ Crafts and Games” booth. Kids are invited to join us downstairs for a variety of activities. Get your face painted, play some games, decorate an ornament and make a craft or two! Kids of all ages are welcome!

Bear left and you will find our “Cookie House”. This is where the children are invited to decorate their own cookies, which is always fun for them. There is a rumor going around that there may be an appearance of a certain Mr. Claus. . . well, we’ll see!

Walk down the hall to our last booth and one of our most fun and most mysterious! You will see a door that is only about 3 feet in height. Why? Because this area is not for adults. It is strictly for kids! Now where else can you find something like that!?!? Your kids can shop a huge collection of great items for everyone on their gift lists! The department stores aren’t the only ones already thinking about Christmas. Items you may find here (this is being written by an adult, so I can’t be absolutely sure!) include jewelry, gifts for parents, siblings, and friends. The folks who staff this booth expect to wrap and bow up to 1,000 gifts, many in gift boxes.

Well, that’s about all for now. Just stop by at our bazaar on December 7, 2019 and give us a try. We’re pretty sure you’ll come back again next year!

Merry Christmas!!


Church of the Covenant United Methodist affirms that all people are of sacred worth in the sight of God. We welcome everyone to our fellowship regardless of age, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, family status, economic status, education, physical or mental ability, right or left handed. These and other qualities or circumstances are aids to our mission as Christians to worship God, to love and serve others, to study, to witness, and to advocate for social justice. We welcome all persons with all of their gifts, graces and experiences.


At COC, our life together grows out that guidance and we wrestle with just how to do that which involves:

  • Education for all ages
  • Mission and Social Concerns  – issues of justice
  • Fellowship for all ages
  • Worship based on Bible texts and contemporary issues

After you have toured our online home, we hope you’ll want to
visit our actual home here in the heart of Averill Park, New York.

We’ll save a seat for you!

MISSION STATEMENT: The Church of the Covenant acknowledges the divinity of God and Jesus Christ and accepts the movement of Christ’s Holy Spirit in our individual and collective lives. It is the mission of the Church of the Covenant to be and to grow as a welcoming and prayerful fellowship of disciples of our Lord, Jesus Christ, encouraging diversity and creativity, whose purpose is to worship God, promote spiritual growth, and serve and witness to our immediate and world communities.