6-30-11-Taking a break

“We’re taking a break this summer,” I heard someone say – meaning, I’m sure, taking a break from coming to church.

Oh, dear, I thought at first.  And yet what’s wrong with that? We all need a break from routine now and then.

So let’s all take a break this summer . . .

  • A break from missing the tiny miracles all around us: clover blossoms, cloud shapes, new growth on that plant you’re nourishing ..
  • A break from doing one thing while thinking about something else, especially if it means listening without really hearing what someone dear to us is saying ..
  • A break from thinking we’ll have another day to reconnect with those we used to share with, with whom we’ve lost contact …
  • A break from putting off that one task or phone call that will make someone’s day

I wonder how our spirits will blossom  if we just take a quick break?

Peace and Blessings,



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