May 11, 2012

Dandelions as Signs of Resurrection

Some years ago my Vermont colleague, Barb Lemmel, posted the observation that the true plant for Easter should be the dandelion, not the greenhouse-grown lily or hyacinth.

The dandelion pops up everywhere: the middle of a smooth lawn, at edges of parking lots, in sidewalk cracks.  What a lovely description of resurrection.  Our Lord doesn’t stay dead, but reappears even when we aren’t paying attention.

The yellow flowers are mostly gone now, but the dandelion puff-balls are everywhere – resisting even the sharpest lawn mower.

Instead of agonizing over how difficult it is to get rid of them,  could we imagine them to be like the Holy Spirit – all around us, everywhere we look?

They appear on their own and it’s almost impossible to mow them down.  They’re everywhere! They’re everywhere!

I’ll be happier looking out over my side yard thinking of the multiple sitings, not of a nuisance weed, but of the presence of God right here, right now!

Peace and blessings,



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