May 31, 2012

Savor that New Wine

You’ll see in the photo above the five young folks who survived the confirmation class this year.  They even beat their parents in a church-Jeopardy game … “I’ll take Bible for 20 points.”

On May 31 we read the story of the new disciples in Jerusalem speaking in various languages on that first Pentecost.  Some of the onlookers claimed they were drunk .. “They are filled with new wine.”

I choose to think that, like the young folks who’ve just joined the church, they are the new wine.  And, of course, that makes the rest of us the old wine skins.

We who are the established church need to make room for the newcomers with their different perspectives and fresh questions.  It’s not good enough any longer to schedule the same old thing again and again.  If we want to hold on to the new wine around us we must remake ourselves to accommodate them.

The new wine bubbles up and expands as it grows.  The new wine hasn’t been tasted before now – that’s what makes it new.

We must be on the watch for the new wine bubbling around us.

Peace and Blessings,


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